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July 23, 2012

Nibbled Cheese Board Complete with Mouse Knife


We often wonder why there aren't more mouse knives in our life, and now we can answer this question. They're a bit creepy. If you do however like a good mouse knife and cheeseboard you're in luck. The Nibbled cheeseboard comes complete with a mouse knife, cheeseboard, and even a mouse hole to store the mouse knife away. Let's hope that mouse knife doesn't eat too much of the cheese.

Via Foolish Gadgets

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May 11, 2012

Workbench Cutting Board


If you're looking to spend $300 bucks for a cutting board that is truly a kitchen gadget/contraption all in one than look no further. This cutting board made of ash has 3 places to store the various food you chop, and has a scraper to make sure you get it into the right place to store away while you prep.

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January 12, 2012

Totally Bamboo Football Cutting Board


This festive and fun football shaped cutting board / serving platter will be the hit of your play off football party, and it's constructed of high quality moso bamboo, so you can know you've chosen an ecologically green alternative to wood. Perfect for football parties and tailgating, it makes a great gift for the football fan in your life as well.

At Totally Bamboo Football Cutting Board

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September 12, 2011

Over-The-Sink Cutting Board with Colander


Made out of polypropylene, this sink cutting board and colader takes the messiest steps out of your food prep routine. This durable cutting board features a removable silicone colander that makes it easy to wash and strain, letting water drain directly into the sink. Or take out the colander and sweep scraps right into the sink or trash. We love a dual purpose kitchen gadget with an eye to make your prep life cleaner and easier. Also the fact that the colander pops out to allow you to dispose of items in the trash is simply brilliant.

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September 9, 2011

Ultra Violet Cutting Board System Kills Germs Dead


Want to effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs when prepping the nightly meal? The Germ Killing Ultra Violet Cutting Board System will do the trick. Not only does it eradicate harmful bacteria, but it also keeps your food surfaces completely separate.

The kit includes a cutting board hold that sits on your counter top or can easily be wall mounted; with separate compartments for four separate polypropylene boards – one for meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. After you wash your unique cutting board, you simply place it back in the UV holder – then let the germ killing begin.

  • UV kitchen cutting board mounts easily to wall
  • Separate, cleanest cutting board for meat, fish, fruits and vegetables
  • UV-C can eradicate 99.99% of salmonella, e-coli and other every day germs
  • Have the cleanest cutting board at all times
  • Ultraviolet cutting board uses the same technology as hospitals
  • Unique cutting board is environmentally safe, chemical free
  • No side effects with this residential or commercial kitchen cutting board
  • Cord Length 54” long
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March 5, 2010

Transfer Cutting Board - Move the Cuttings to Another Place


The Transfer Cutting Board from Chris and Ruby makes the age old problem of moving your cut foods from the cutting board to the plate a bit easier. The cutting board has a round cutout for plates and is raised up slightly allowing the plate to slide right under for food transfer. We'd like to see have an adjustable set of feet underneath the cutting board to allow for larger bowls, salads, and other things besides plates, as we usually transfer to the final place or smaller prep bowls.


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February 23, 2010

Cutting Boards for Tall Cooks


We recently became aware of one thing in our kitchen - a hurting lower back after chopping and cutting for hours on end. We pretty sure a perfect height meets cutting experience would help our ailing back. So off we set to find an adjustable or even better height cutting board and we found WP.

WP offers cutting boards in a variety of thicknesses and heights to allow you to adjust your working height to one that is comfortable for you AND a specific task. They can also build kitchen islands and carts that are taller than standard.

At Help for cooks who don’t find standard counter height comfortable

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January 7, 2010

Compact Herb Chopper


This herb chopper is a cutting board and chopper all in one. You remove the double bladed cutter, chop, and store the blade back in the cutting board. It works for garlic, vegetables, and other things that need chopping.

At Compact Herb Chopper

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October 20, 2009

Instant Counter, Glass Cutting Surface


Need more counterspace? This cutting board fits over a stove or a sink to create a prep surface. It comes in textured glass or faux marble patterns.

At Instant Counter, Glass Cutting Surface

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February 23, 2009

Curtis Stone Juicy Carving Board


This cutting board provides an easy way to save juices from meats for use in sauces or gravies. The cutting board is slightly sloped to channel the juices into a removable, stainless steel reservoir. As a bonus the board is made from ecologically-friendly bamboo.

At Curtis Stone Juicy Carving Board

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July 31, 2008

Space Invaders Cutting Board - Alien Kitchen Gear


This wooden cutting board was crafted by 1337motif, and uses real life "pixels" of walnut and hard maple. The cutting board is then glued with FDA approved waterproof glue, sealed with mineral oil and beeswax to keep all that alien goodness contained, and then let loose into your kitchen to shoot randomly at your appliances. It's not cheap at $125, but you can be rest assured when having a dinner party it will be the talk of the kitchen.

Via technabob

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July 24, 2008

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Folding Cutting Board


Folding cutting boards are such a great idea. This one has handle-activated hinges that allow you to fold the sides and transfer your chopped ingredients to a bowl or pan. After chopping, you squeeze the handle and the sides of the cutting board fold up.

At Folding Cutting Board

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May 22, 2008

Review: Architec Cork Cutting Board - Go Green When Cutting


Architec brings a green, renewable resource to food preparation with the introduction of the Cork Cutting Board, part of the company's "live smart. go-green" product line. We've been using the cutting board over the past several weeks, and find it to be really different. Not only is the shape and design interesting, but the feeling of the wine cork texture and flex the cutting board gives makes it very grippy on the countertops here at Kitchen Contraptions.

The cutting board comes packed with a simple wrap. Go-Green!

Just like a traditional wine cork, the Architec Cork Cutting Board is made of agglomerated cork, small particles of cork adhered together using heat and pressure. Cork - the bark from an oak tree grown in Spain, Portugal and China - is a green product, sustainable and renewable, produced with minimal environmental impact. The cork is harvested by hand by gently peeling the bark off the tree. This earth-friendly and sustainable method of hand harvesting cork leaves the cork tree intact and ready to produce again.

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March 19, 2008

Index Chopping Boards


Another set of cutting boards designed to avoid cross-contamination of food. These polypropylene cutting boards are color coded and stored in a plastic filing unit.

At Index Cutting Boards

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