May 23, 2005

Scooba Robot for Your Kitchen Floors

Roomba SneakpreviewiRobot has just announced a robot capable of making a difference in your kitchen finally. This is the ultimate kitchen gadget people! A robot that doesn't just do windows but messy floors! I couldn't be happier. I have wanted something to deal with the kitchen floor since I saw the original iRobot for rugs. The thing is - my house is void of any rugs really - we have tile and hardwood floors. I can't wait for this gem to ship in the Fall.

iRobot - Robots for the Real World : Scooba Landing:
This Holiday Season iRobot will introduce a revolutionary new hardfloor cleaning system — the iRobotScooba Robotic Floor Washer.

Scooba vacuums, washes and dries in a single pass
It uses a specially formulated Clorox® cleaning solution
Scooba uses fresh, clean, solution…mops just spread the dirt around
Scooba picks up the dirty solution, leaving your floors clean and dry
Great for all floor surfaces – wood, tile and linoleum
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Residential faucet trends 2005 according to Elkay

Elkay-Kitchen-Bar-Faucets-ThumbFaucets are the centerpiece of the kitchen experience now. Or - at least they want to be the center of all attention in the kitchen. I noticed that in only 3 years (since we last did our other kitchen), that faucets had come a long way. I love our new Grohe faucet - as it delivers on both look and function. Check out the link below for the coolest faucet trends.

Residential faucet trends 2005 according to Elkay | Trendir:
There's an interesting article on Elkay's website about the Residential Faucet Trends. Written by Joel Williams, it clearly shows that the approach to faucet design today is to make it a centerpiece of the kitchen or bathroom - "the water appliance that rises above it all". Besides discussing finishes and features, the article prompts for several important visual characteristics of today's faucets that help create this new trend...
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Faber LCD Range Hood with LEDs

Faber-Imago-Canopy-Range-Hood-Lcd-1I have to go with the folks at Gizmodo on this one - I can see many things on fire when I'm cooking if I'm watching TV or surfing the web while I reach over the stove at the same time. I can see getting my greasy hands all over the touch screen as I whip up a little stir fry, and then watch some video streams at CNN. I'm not sure why the LEDs - to distract me even more from cooking?

Faber Imago Range Hood : Gizmodo:
What an excellent idea! Multimedia displays over fire! The Faber Imago range hood allows you to check your email, watch DVDs, and view remote webcams all from the comfort of your blazing Viking range. The 14-inch touchscreen works in concert with your home multimedia network to distract you even more in the kitchen.
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May 20, 2005

The Wine Scanner for the Next Generation Kitchen

WineI'm pretty sure you could beam up your wine to any starship in Earth orbit for drinking on 10 forward (okay if you get that you are a Star Trek geek and be proud). I too like the folks at Shiny Shiny have no idea how it works but it promises to help you know whether that $100 dollar wine is ready to open. Hmmm...since I drink $10 Bogle - will I need this? I think so.

Shiny Shiny: The Wine Scanner:
Able to detect oxidation products and other wine worries I don't quite understand (my most common wine-related quandry being how to remove red-wine stains from my white blouse) - the Wine Scanner promises to let you know if your collectible wine is worth its hefty pricetag without you having to disturb the seal.
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Cow Kettle

CowkettleIt's just been one of those weeks. I'm cow obsessed and now feel as if I need cows of many forms in my kitchen to feel whole. Maybe next week I'll get monkey in the kitchen obsessed? :-)

gadgetryblog: Cow Kettle:
Not a lot I can say about this really. This whimsical Cow Kettle lets you brew up the perfect cuppa in a comical way, and it even whistles when the water boils, just like in the old days.
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May 19, 2005

"Geo" Drip Coffee Maker from Alessi

Geo AlessiI look at a lot of coffee makers. I'm what you would call a coffee maker obsessed person who can barely function without finding a new coffee maker a day. Today - I've found something very special and from Alessi. I'm sure you've seen Alessi products before, they are the makers of the angel like wine openers, bottle openers, etc. that you typically see in higher end kitchen stores. Also - they're from Italy where design doesn't take the backseat in the kitchen products that get produced. In Italy design is always in the front and everything goes from there and when you look at the "Geo" Drip coffee maker - you'll know what I mean. It's just beautiful and different and friendly. Also - the "Geo" comes in a limited numbered edition.

From Alessi:

"Geo" brings to the fore an expressive, decorative and anthropomorphic language that is absolutely unprecedented in the world of kitchen appliances. This explicitly artistic approach is underscored by the presentation of a hand-painted version, the "Geo-Proust", which has been put out in a numbered production..
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May 18, 2005

Cultures & Culinaria

Eatcover188A special thanks to Cultures & Culinaria for mentioning us on their killer weblog!

Cultures & Culinaria: April 2005:
If you spend a lot of time cooking at home, you'll want to be fully equipped with all the best kitchen gear. This online cooking blog will keep you informed about the newest kitchen gadgets to hit the market. From magnetic spice racks to steam oven bakers, has all the news and reviews on the latest modern cooking toys. In addition to the gadget reviews, there are also products for sale and extensive archives should you be hunting for a long lost favorite appliance.
Update: I've fixed the link here and above
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May 17, 2005

Mess Free Battering

P409013BI always need to save prep time and also mess. With the Batter Pro you can bread chicken, fish and more fast, without messing with ziploc bags or getting your hands covered in egg, milk, or whatever concoction you are battering with. Just fill The Batter Pro with batter, place meat inside, shake and flip. Also - it's dishwasher safe. I think this may be a purchase in the near future.

Via Home Trends Catalog: BATTER PRO 3PC SET

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Cowprint 2-Cup Cappuccino Maker Now Available

06989We ran an article on this not too long ago. We are excited to say the 2-Cup Cappuccino maker is now available in all its CowPrint glory. I think for $89 bucks you just have to consider this over other CowPrint Cappuccino makers. :-)

Bialetti Mukka Express, 2-Cup Cappuccino Maker, CowPrint Pattern - BI-06989:
Bialetti Mukka Express, 2-Cup Cappuccino Maker, CowPrint Pattern BI-06989-EC10
The first of its kind, created by the genius of Bialetti, Mukka Express® allows Italian cappuccino to be prepared in the home, quickly and simply. Prepare 2 cups of cappuccino or basic milk coffee with a just few simple moves. Makes Two 7.4oz USA Cups, enameled cast aluminum, Hand Wash.
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Chubby Hubby - Killer Food Blog

Krug1We have to admit that from time to time, we pour over the web logs and find out who's checking us out. Every once and awhile we find a web site referring to us that is simply amazing. Such is the case with Chubby Hubby (being one myself).

Besides eating lots of great food and taking killer pictures at the same time, Chubby Hubby is a terrific writer. A recent lunch with some Krug champagne confirms some very interesting musings on food.

Chubby Hubby:
It’s great to be married to a food writer at times. Take today for example. S was invited to a fabulous lunch and Champagne tasting and was allowed to bring me along. It was a double treat for me. The lunch was held at Iggy’s, one of my favourite restaurants in Singapore, and the Champagne brand was Krug, by far my favourite Champagne house.
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