January 20, 2005

Kitchen Contraptions.com Makes Yahoo! What's New!!!

yahoo_dyma_3.gifWell - we made it! Yahoo! picked us for what's new and Daily Picks on your MyYahoo! page! (okay that's a ton of exclamation marks!) Also - we really like being called "the Cuisinart of blogs."

"Kitchen Contraptions.com - the Cuisinart of blogs. (in Computers and Technology Weblogs)"
Thanks to Yahoo! for driving over 20,000+ page views our way and helping Kitchen Contraptions.com grow.

Via Yahoo! Directory - What's New

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January 14, 2005

Kitchen Contraptions.com on Caerdroia

"Not knowing anything about the product ( I know the company from SQLGrinder), and not seeing a complete list of features at their website, I decided to look around for information, and found Kitchen Contraptions, a blog about kitchen gadgets. Some recent posts?"

Caerdroia: You Can Find Blogs on Any Topic

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January 13, 2005

Kitchen Contraptions.com mentioned on UrbanSpy

We do really feel that we have our fingers on the pulse of cool kitchen stuff - and hey - so does urban spy!

"It seems like the topic-specific blogs are really taking off this season. We've seen blogs from shoewawa for women's shoes to kitchen contraptions for anything and everything cooking. Now let me introduce a new one I've been keeping an eye on to evaluate. It’s called preshrunk and is quickly becoming the definitive t-shirt blog. Nice work."


Via urbanSPY

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December 28, 2004

Bake with Steam

Sharp Healsio Dec 04
Steam cooking? Baking with steam? I must have it. I must!

"Steam oven for baking. From Sharp, an oven that uses very hot steam to cook and that can also dramatically reduce fat and salt in food. 300-degree Celsius steam is sprayed onto the meat which literally draws out the fat, unlike frying pans where the fat remains to cook the food. Sharp claims that by reducing oxidation the oven also helps conserve vitamin C."

Via Moco Loco

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December 24, 2004

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Tree-2From everyone here at Kitchen Contraptions.com - Happy Holidays!!!!

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December 17, 2004

Why So Cold, My Proud Beauty?

16Frid.184 I agree. The new star of the kitchen is the fridge. You need a good one. And you use it more than any other appliance in the kitchen.

"REGINA SMITH noticed an unusual refrigerator in a friend's kitchen in Short Hills, N.J. Seven feet tall without a freezer — a sister unit takes care of that — it is three feet wide, and Ms. Smith couldn't help wondering why her friend had bought something so, well, supersized. "And then I realized," she recalled, "of course the pizza box had to fit."
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December 16, 2004

Dunk Mug

20041215-001038You need this. Trust me.

"Dominic Skinners Dunk Mug; an amusing alternative to the mundane coffee mug we see everyday; This one has got a very smart bult in compartment for some sweet little cookie treats. Loveable Design, available in right & left handed versions in a few different colors. They look like they’re alllll sold out for Christmas delivery, but they can guarantee January delivery if you order now from Mocha Home!"

Via Urban Spy

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December 13, 2004

Chalkboard Paint for Kitchens

2004 12 7 Chalk WallScrew the family room! Can you imagine having a sizable chalkboard painted section in your kitchen for shopping lists, ingredients, drawings, etc.? I can.

"New thang. We see so many cool things that people do in their homes and would rather highlight them than stuff online or magazines, that we are starting a new post: Look!. Sort of like Hello! or People, except less cheesy, we'll highlight good ideas in action."

Via Apartment Therapy

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November 30, 2004

Senseo $20 Rebate for Holiday Gift Giving

Picture 1-1If you really want to buy a Senseo for your loved one (and we suggest we do) - Phillips is offering a $20 dollar rebate on their $70 dollar machine - roughly making it $50 or less at most online stores. In our opinion - that's a total steal.

Imagine Christmas morning, you come down to the Christmas tree - and someone you love (and live with) gets a Senseo. Next for breakfast you will then get the most perfect cup of coffee ever. Do it. Buy the Senseo. You will not be sorry. OH! Imagine Senseo Single Serve Coffee with your New Years hangover....oooh!

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November 24, 2004

Turkey Contraptions & Gadgets for Thanksgiving!

Here's the ultimate gift for that live turkey owner! DEBEAKER!!!

"My girlfriend is a vegetarian, so I'm accustomed to receiving stern lectures whenever I tear into a drumstick. But coming face-to-face with the Super Debeaker, albeit in JPEG form, gave me pause. You can be sure that, before I tuck into that luscious bird tomorrow night, I'll give a moment's thought to what his time on Earth must've been like. None-too-pleasant, I'll wager, given that his beak was likely snipped off at a young age."

Via Gizmodo

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