February 27, 2006

Bean Slicer

You would probably have to eat a lot of green beans to make this worth while, but for the cook who has to have everything -- I bring you the bean slicer. It slices fresh beans vertically. That's it. Enjoy.

At Bean Slicer

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February 24, 2006

Truffle Slicer


If you are lucky enough to have truffles (or so they say--I've never actually had truffles, so I can't verify whether you are really lucky to have them), you'll need something to slice them with. Enter the truffle slicer. The stainless steel blade is adjustable to slice truffles wafer thin (try saying that without laughing if you are a Monty Python fan).

At Marky's Online Gourmet Food Store

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February 23, 2006



Silicone is taking over the world. This is a silicone food trussing tool designed to replace kitchen string or toothpicks. It is heat resistant, non-stick, and adjusts from 1 inch to 4 inches or larger. It is also dishwasher safe.

At shopFosters.com

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Utensil Pot Clip


Here is a cool alternative to the spoon rest. This clips onto the side of your pan and holds your utensil over the pan, so the drippings go back into the pan. The clip has a silicone coating, so it doesn't burn your fingers, and pads that protect the pan from scratching.

At Utensil Pot Clip

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February 22, 2006

Batter Dispenser

I've been craving pancakes lately. I hardly ever make them at home, but when I do they are mish mash of sizes and shapes, which is fine with me. However, if you are anal about your pancakes, and want them to be uniform in size, this dispenser is for you. It has three size settings and the dispenser is big enough to allow berries and chocolate chips to fit through.

At Williams-Sonoma

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February 21, 2006

Fizz Keeper Pump & Pour

That last glass or so of soda out a two-liter bottle is never very fizzy. I always end up throwing out the last of the bottle, which is very wasteful. The Fizz KeeperĀ® keeps your soda from going flat. Remove the cap and put the Pump & Pour on the bottle and squeeze several times. Then when you want a drink, press the flip top open.

At The Container Store

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February 16, 2006

The Perfect Peeler


I wouldn't want to meet someone carrying this peeler in a dark alley. It looks serious. The blade is made with zirconium oxide, which they say makes it stay sharp ten times longer than steel blades. The blade also adjusts its angle from vertical to horizontal.

At The Perfect Peeler

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Cherry and Olive Pitter


As I was pitting some olives for my couscous dish last night, I thought there has to be a better way. And low and behold there is. This gadget removes cherry and olive pits. It has thumb rest and can be locked together for easy storing.

At organize.com

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February 14, 2006

Color Changing Spoon


It can be hard to tell when microwaved food is hot. It is often hot on the outside, but not on the inside or vice versa. Well, put these spoons in your food (I suppose it works best on soups and not for heating, say, a frozen burritto) and they will change color when your food is hot (120 F).

Via OhGizmo! at shop.com

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Crumb Pets


Both my parents visited recently, and the amount of toast they both eat is amazing. No carb counting going on here. But oh--the crumbs that were all over my nice countertops. I love my parents, but the crumbs are enough to drive a person insane. Now check out these cute little hand held vacuums in the shape of farm animals. They are designed to clean up crumbs from your tabletop or counter. Bring on the toast eating!!

Via Strange New Products at drinkstuff.com

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