February 14, 2006

Color Changing Spoon


It can be hard to tell when microwaved food is hot. It is often hot on the outside, but not on the inside or vice versa. Well, put these spoons in your food (I suppose it works best on soups and not for heating, say, a frozen burritto) and they will change color when your food is hot (120 F).

Via OhGizmo! at shop.com

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Crumb Pets


Both my parents visited recently, and the amount of toast they both eat is amazing. No carb counting going on here. But oh--the crumbs that were all over my nice countertops. I love my parents, but the crumbs are enough to drive a person insane. Now check out these cute little hand held vacuums in the shape of farm animals. They are designed to clean up crumbs from your tabletop or counter. Bring on the toast eating!!

Via Strange New Products at drinkstuff.com

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February 13, 2006

Fish Bone Tweezers


I've always wondered how to get all the bones out of a fish. These tweezers have specially beveled tips that grip the bones for easy removal. Wonder if it works on eyebrows too?

At Global Fish Bone Tweezers

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Brown Sugar Saver

I don't use brown sugar enough to use it up before it becomes hard. This little terra cotta disk keeps your brown sugar soft. You just soak it in water, pat it dry, and put it into the bag or canister. It says it also keeps coconut, raisins, and cookies moist. Nice.

At Walter Drake

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Electric Ice Cream Scoop


I have been known to microwave pints of ice cream in order to make them easier to scoop, so I need this. According to the product description, it heats up so fast, you don't have to wait. In addition, there is a scoop collar to keep hands clean.

Deni Electric Ice Cream Scoop

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February 8, 2006

Can Colander


So you open a can of olives, but how do you get the olives out without getting the olive juice all over your hands? The can colander to the rescue! This would be very handy for olives, canned fruit, and tuna.

At A Best Kitchen

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February 7, 2006

Avocado Slicer & Pitter

The avocado: Another difficult fruit (is the avocado a fruit?) to cut up. We've covered the mango and the pineapple. Now the avocado gets its very own gadget. One end takes the pit out and the other end slices. It is made of stainless steel and and heavy-duty plastic and is dishwashwer safe.

At Williams-Sonoma

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February 3, 2006

Escargot Kitchen Timer


So this kitchen timer crawls like a snail while it counts your cooking time. It also comes in six colors. Pretty darn cute, but you better have a lot of counterspace.

Via Shiny Shiny at ikonee.com

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February 2, 2006

Plastic Bag Dryer


Plastic bags are evil, but sometimes they are unavoidable, so here is a way to recuse them. You can wash your plastic bags (it also dries wide mouthed water bottles and Tupperware beverage containers) and hang them from a dowel to dry. You can wash up to eight bags and one container at time.

At Plastic Bag Dryer

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February 1, 2006

PigTail Food Flipper

I'm not crazy about the name, but this looks like an interesting tool. I never knew I needed anything besides tongs or a spatula to flip food, but after watching the video on their website, I'm convinced. :-) The PigTail allows food on a grill or in a skillet to be turned over with a quick flip of the wrist, wthout scraping up grease like spatula or releasing juices like a fork. They have a 19 inch one and and a 12 inch one. According to the product description, the pigtail can handle almost anything from an 8 lb.rack of ribs to hot dogs, steaks, chicken, bacon, French toast, shrimp, and vegetables.

At Pig Tail Food Flipper

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