November 23, 2005

Garlic Press with Slicer


Our good friend Evelyn has found this via a visit to Williams-Sonoma and just in time for Turkey day (you'll need this for the stuffing, the skin of the bird, and of course for your garlic potatoes.) Our current garlic press - well presses. But this one slices when you put the garlic cloves in the slicer area. Perfect.

Recipes often call for fresh garlic cloves to be pressed, which yields intense flavor, or thinly sliced, which results in a more subtle garlic taste. This convenient tool allows you to accomplish either task with ease – and without getting garlicky aromas on your hands. The cast-aluminum press features two compartments: one for pressing garlic, the other for slicing cloves in eight thin, uniform sections. A nonstick coating maximizes efficiency and guarantees easy cleaning. 7 3/4" long.

At Williams-Sonoma

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November 17, 2005

Ice Tube Maker


Finally a way to get those pesky ice cubes into my water bottle! With the new ice tube maker you can keep water and soft drink bottles cold with "tubes" that fit where cubes won't! These long, narrow 3"l x 3/4" dia. ice tubes slip through slim necks to keep beverages chilled for on-the-go enjoyment. Each sturdy polypropylene tray makes 10 tubes and the trays are dishwasher safe.

At Miles Kimball

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Good Grips Turkey Baster

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you aren't smoking you're turkey and have decided to use an oven - you're going to need a good baster. We like a baster with easy cleanup, good gripping surface, and a non-slip grip. OXO has created a baster with all these traits along with an oval shape that keep the baster from rolling arouind on the countertop. We also like the inclusion of the brush - nothing like getting some good old turkey fat and particles clogging up your baster and nothing to help you out with it.

At Turkey Baster with Cleaning Brush

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November 15, 2005

Twist & Turn Garlic Press

Garlic Machine We only wish it would peal the garlic as well, but we'll take some fresh pressed garlic in droves from this garlic press at Chef'n. Simply unscrew the bottom, insert peeled garlic cloves, replace bottom and twist. Each turn yields fresh minced garlic ready to go. Use the special blade to slice off just what you need. Pop on the lid and store in the 'fridge.


1. Press multiple cloves of garlic
2. Store unused garlic in Garlic Machine™ for up to a week
3. Efficiently uses more of the garlic clove than other garlic presses
4. Dishwasher safe

At Chef'n | Tasteful Ingenuity

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November 11, 2005

Coffee Kitchen Clock


It's not everyday you get to pick a new clock for your kitchen, but when you do you had better pick wisely. The Rustic Coffee Wall Clock has all the makings of a potential wall clock for your kitchen.

The clock features hand painted hydrastone decorated with images of your favorite coffee drinks and is perfect for the coffee junkie within. We think if you like coffee and also want something different, you can't miss with this clock.

At Rustic Coffee Wall Clock

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November 10, 2005

Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

9162SbigIt seems like I've overlooked the amazing powers of the auto-spice measuring system in the past. I've seen too many knock offs of this system that simply doesn't measure up I guess. With the Auto-Measure spice carousel you can store and access 12 favorite spices quickly and easily. You can also dispense spices in 1/4 tsp. increments — no measuring spoons needed. The auto spice carousel is fully stackable for easy storage of 24, 36 or 48 different spices. You can even mount it under a cabinet or shelf. For freestyle cooking, you can also use the convenient shaker top or the large opening for volume pouring.

At Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

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November 8, 2005

simplehuman Utensil Holder

Utensil-1The new stainless steel utensil holder with spoon rest has three compartments for organizing kitchen tools. A shallow front compartment holds shorter tools, like can openers. Two deep compartments neatly store tall items. A detachable spoon rest is always in reach at the front of the holder. The only bummer? The utensils aren't included. :-( Oh well that does make sense but I do love the brushed chrome spatula.

  • includes detachable stainless steel spoon rest
  • compartments for small and large utensils
  • slim oval design fits more tools in less space

at simplehuman

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November 7, 2005

Aerolatte Milk Frother


We love to froth our milk. We simply take a shot or two of skim milk, nuke it in the microwave for 34 seconds, and then froth away. The Aerolatte Milk Frother is the next generation of milk frothers with a satin finish; no pumping, no propellers and definitely no steam. The Aerolatte's innovative whisk head takes just 30 seconds to whisk milk into rich, thick foam. So if you add the microwave, and then the froth - it's about 1 minute for great cappuccino without having to heat up your espresso machine frother and much less mess, and it even includes batteries.


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November 1, 2005

Ramen Noodle Cup Timer

Noodletimer Noodletimer1 What's not to love about a burner with no burn? Perfect ramen noodles - that's what! Odd things from Japan has found the only Ramen noodle timer we know of in existence.

This kitchen burner-shaped device is an "Instant Noodles Timer". Once you poured the boiling water, you place the cup on the timer, which automatically shows a red light on. Then you turn the handle into either 3 or 4 minutes and wait (since we are in Japan though, I think there should be options like "3 minutes and 6 seconds"). When the time has passed, you'll hear a chime announcing that your noodles are ready.I wondered if people really purchased this, and found out that it was very popular, to the extent that it was the top product in July. I also investigated if it could be used for other purposes but ... nope, it's only for cup noodles!

At Odd things from Japan at Instant Noodle Timers

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October 31, 2005

Keep Your Faucet Clean with EZ Faucet


You've come to expect automatic faucets on your travels - why not in your kitchen? We think this is a killer way to keep your faucet clean while you cut up meat (especially nasty chicken!).

The EZ Faucet - EZF001C™ has a built-in infrared sensor that turns your water on automatically when you put your hands in front of it, making it easy to use for children, seniors, or just busy people whose hands are full or dirty. The EZ Faucet is powered by four AAA batteries (sold separately).

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) agrees that hand washing is an important means of preventing the spread of infection. Keeping your faucet clean and avoiding touching it are smart ways to prevent cross-contamination. The EZ Faucet also conserves water by stopping water from running when not in use, a smart idea for any home with kids!

At The EZ Faucet - EZF001C

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