October 17, 2005

Time for A Kitchen Timer

It's about time we got a less annoying kitchen timer than the one built into our stove. It's so relentless. It just keeps beeping and making a fuss when we don't get up to check what we've timed. I think this little timer from Alessi might be a bit more forgiving and it looks like the snout of a mouse combined with a top.

At Fitzsu.com

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October 13, 2005

Zevro Perfetto™ Pasta Cooker

PerfectoSome mornings we find a gadget that blows our mind. It's not that the kitchen contraption is so amazing - it's just amazingly simple. The Zevro Perfetto™ Pasta Cooker is such a product. How many times have you cooked pasta and jammed the pasta down the sides of the pot trying to get it cook. Now you can save up to 70% of energy and up to 50% of water by using Perfetto™ compared to cooking pasta in a traditional pot. Only 1 liter (slightly more than 1 quart or 32 fluid ounces) of water is needed and there's no need to stir or watch the pasta while cooking. Plus there's no risk of water boiling over while cooking pasta. Best of all? You can store pasta in it when not using it to cook pasta. Brilliant!

At Zevro Perfetto™ Pasta Cooker

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Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set

We think it might be the week of chrome and silver here at Kitchen Contraptions. I'm pretty sure we've covered no less than 10 things in this week that come in brushed nickel or stainless steel. You've got to love the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set. It's just the same old great Metrokan Rabbit wine opener but now in a brushed silver.

This powerful, award-winning tool effortlessly extracts the cork from any wine bottle in 3 seconds with simple lever action. Handles with comfortable rubberized padding easily clamp onto a bottle's neck; the lever drives the tough worm into the cork with a push and then pulls the cork out cleanly with a simple pull. Releasing the cork involves the same action, only with the handles clamped onto the cork.

This model of the Rabbit has a velvety, silver finish, as do the four tools accompanying it. The tools include a squeeze-and-twist foil cutter to strip away the foil covering a cork, a drip-stop ring that fits onto any size wine bottle to prevent stains on table linen, a sealer that twists so tightly into any size bottle's neck it preserves even Champagne bubbles, and a "wax whacker" that flips the wax tablet off a wine cork. Also included is a replacement worm--the installed worm wears out after 20,000 or so corks.

At Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set

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October 12, 2005

Bluetooth Wine Collector 150

Winegroup2We love our wine and love to know what's in our wine collection. Typically we really want to know what we've had for wine and whether or not we've liked it. The Wine Collector 150 is for the person who's serious about their wine collection.

The machine uses Bluetooth wireless technology to allow you to scan the retail barcode on the label of your bottles for automatic identification of the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color, region, and more. Included software can automatically calculate optimal maturity periods, print detailed reports, and lets you add your own custom ratings. When you've finished the bottle, just scan it again to take it off the list.

Via Uncrate at Wine Collector 150

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October 11, 2005

Eva Solo Kitchen Memo Board

Memo Board If you don't remember everything you need and you don't think about everything you remember, then the Eva Solo Memo Board is a perfect addition to your kitchen.

You can make the memo pad the center of messages and shopping lists for you kitchen. You can place the memo board made on the wall or you can carry it with you - thus avoiding any inconvenient memory lapses. The pencil holder is made out of rubber and perfectly fits your old pencils. The pad used is an ordinary A6 standard pad on a pasteboard back so a trip to Staples will get you a fresh new source of paper for your memo board.

At Eva Solo Memo Board

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October 10, 2005

Cameron's Stovetop Smoker

F 105311Oh Cameron! Why are you smoking again? We know why - to make amazing smoked chicken breasts and other meats in your oven.

Cameron's Stovetop Smoker features seamless, heavy duty all stainless steel construction. Stay cool fold-away handles, drip tray and non-stick rack. Use with any heat source to hot smoke virtually anything: fish, meat, cheese, poultry, sausage, ribs, nuts or vegetables. Includes sample wood chips.

At Dean & DeLuca

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October 7, 2005

Egg Slicer

F 103067

We love hard boiled eggs and we love chrome hard boiled egg slicers. You can make wedges or slices with this egg slicer from Dean & DeLuca. Best of all it can be packed in a signature gift box so you can send the gift of egg slicing around the world. BURP. Okay - let's slice up another egg.

At Dean & DeLuca

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October 6, 2005

Review: simplehuman compact dishrack

P-Dsrk-Compsimplehuman was kind enough to send their compact dishrack for review in the Kitchen Contraptions test kitchen. Our current dishrack is the classic Bamboo, flex open, dishrack with little brass nails to hold it together. Over the past few years of owning such a dishrack, we've often wondered what it would be like to have a "real dishrack".

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October 5, 2005

Kitchen Shredder: Protect Your Family's Identity

Ks7 Kitchen Shredder 1438098-1Why didn't we think of this? We often sort our mail in the kitchen and then throw it into a very unsafe pile of things anyone could go through to steal lots of information about us. Royal's practical KS7 Kitchen Shredder is designed for the kitchen, where most families sort their mail, the KS7 handles household rubbish while offering an easy and effective method to dispose of unsolicited mail containing valuable personal or family information.

The KS7 shreds credit cards, CDs and other data to help ensure household privacy.Since most mail is sorted and opened in the kitchen, Royal has designed its new Kitchen Shredder to offer families a convenient alterative to simply discarding this information, attempting to destroy it with scissors or stacking it somewhere in hopes of shredding it at another time. Royal's KS7 Shredder combines the functionality of a generous 10-gallon general household trash receptacle with the practicality of a 5.3 gallon capacity office shredder to make shredding easy, convenient and immediately accessible.

The new KS7 is 27" high, 10" wide, 18" deep (front to rear) and weighs 22 pounds. A 13-gallon plastic bag is recommended for the household trash compartment. Availability is scheduled for November 1, 2005 at Target, Circuit City, and online retailers.

At Royal.com

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October 3, 2005

Oval Oil and Vinegar Cruet

F 105315 What's better than a hand blown Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet? Owning one. I have to admit how amazing this cruet looks. Correctly proportioned Bohemian crystal cruets, hand blown one inside the other, two cork stoppers, and filled with the best olive oil and vinegar? Perfection.

If there was only more products that capture the imagination and provide some decent cooking experiences. I love to have things in the kitchen that make me want to cook and this would be one of them. Hey - isn't Christmas coming soon? Anyone?

At Dean & DeLuca

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