September 9, 2005

Pedrini Pleasure Rotary Grater

We probably grate more parmesan cheese per square meter in our kitchen than any other kitchen on the entire planet. I'm tired of cut up hands from our traditional grater we sit on top of a large bowl. The Pedrini Pleasure Rotary Grater, allows you to in real time - pleasure yourself with grating any cheese of your choice.

Okay the real reason the grater is a pleasure? Because the Pedrini Pleasure Rotary Grater has a large comfortable handle you hold when grating cheese. It's also a real time saver in the kitchen when it comes to grating cheeses or shredding vegetables. This rotary grater comes with three interchangeable drums. One for grating hard cheeses and vegetables such as carrots, another for shredding soft cheeses and vegetables such as cabbage, and one for vegetables such as cucumbers. Made of plastic, with interchangeable stainless-steel drums, all the parts of this grater are dishwasher safe.

At Pedrini Pleasure Rotary Grater

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September 6, 2005

Fireflies in a Jar for Your Kitchen

FirefliesMy daughter is currently obsessed with Fireflies - and if you've ever seen them in person, you'll become obsessed too. Currently we have the Flip-Flap on our kitchen window sill, but I'm pretty sure a jar of fireflies would be a welcome addition.

FirefliesThe Firefly lights have an "electronic brain" that makes Firefly Magic™ fireflies flash, flicker, and fade just like Mother Nature's real fireflies and each is sealed in a waterproof case, insuring the microprocessor and electronics will last for many years. In addition, each electronic firefly light will last for over 100,000 hours of operation - that's years of magical firefly enjoyment for your kitchen!

Fmj-07They sell a variety of models but the one we think is the best would be the Firefly Jar set. The Model FMJ-07 FIREFLY MAGIC™ 'Fireflies in a Jar' Kit has seven (7) electronic fireflies and is operated by 2 - standard AA batteries. This light set is designed for creating the illusion of fireflies flashing, flickering, and fading in a jar (the jar is not included). Some people like glass canning jars, while others prefer the new acrylic flip lid jars. But whichever jar you decide to use just attach the FMJ-07 battery pack, with enclosed electronics, to the underside of the jar lid using the supplied Velcro®.

At Firefly Lights

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Do Drop Those Donuts

Fall is fast approaching and so is the making of apple donuts. I have been making donut holes with a variety of things: rolling pin end, finger, or even the end of a pot stirrer. With the Donut Dropper I can now move into the future of donut making. The donut dropper makes delicious old-fashioned donuts quickly and easily. It has an aluminum funnel and spring actuated plunge with sturdy plastic handle to make perfect donut holes every time. Complete recipes and instructions included.

At Donut Dropper

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September 5, 2005

ProMash: Virtual Kitchen Contraption Brewing Software

Small Screen4 PromashWhat else could you want to make sure the mess you start in the kitchen ends up in perfect beer? For the closet beer geek in all of us, ProMash allows a brewer to virtually brew a recipe before ever setting foot in the home or professional brewery. You could sit at work and brew up a fresh batch of IPA and know how it might go.

ProMash frees the user from the tedious "carry the 1" calculations that abound in the brewing process and helps you keep track of the history of a beer as it develops over time. Updates are provided yearly, free of charge to registered owners. We suggest you read the FAQ and find out exactly how it might help your brewing career.

Via Cool Tools at ProMash

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Pump and Grind Your Pepper

14007 Lg-1 I think everyone needs a set of pepper & salt grinders that look like the Hyposprays from Star Trek. This cool sleek design made of stainless steel grinders are shaped more like pens where you simply push the top of the grinder like a pen to grind up some salt or pepper. Each of the grinders come with salt or pepper and are sold in a set.

At UncommonGoods

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September 1, 2005

Prick That Egg

Zy23000 You may just need to prick an egg from time to time to stay ahead of the egg boiling nightmares. The Zylis Egg Pricker is a small but useful kitchen gadget. One push on the spring-loaded button and a spike pierces the egg. Why pierce an egg? It helps to prevent cracking while boiling. Wild.

At Zyliss Egg Pricker

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Squeeze-Me Lemon Squeezer!

Yhst-1617085513930 1859 3234015 Squeezeme AnimThe ‘squeeze-me’ eliminates the usual sticky mess and annoying juice-in-eye scenario so common to squeezing lemons! Simply put the lemon iside the Squeeze-Me and then squeeze it. Lemon juice comes out the end and you're hands are sticky free!

At Squeeze-Me Lemon Squeezer!

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August 31, 2005

Door Knob Parmesan Grater

Yhst-1617085513930 1857 2437685Grate parmesan in style with the Parmesan grater by Nigella Lawson. Anyone who has watched Nigella Bites will remember Nigella's parmesan grater made with a doornob.

"I wanted a parmesan grater that was really comfortable to handle as well as beautiful to look at, and the curved, tapering shape is lovely. But it was also important to me to make this a proper Italian grater, by which I mean it shaves the parmesan into sandy rubble rather than aerated threads."

We think it look a little more like an egg than a straight up door knob.

At Parmesan grater by Nigella Lawson

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Review: simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

P-Pth-Wmsimplehuman sent us a some of their products to review and we're starting off with the simplehuman wall mount paper towel holder.

Library - 7357-1Since we constantly test coffee makers and other kitchen gadgets, we need every inch of counter space we can find. Our current paper towel holder doesn't hold the paper towel roll securely, and we're always stuck with a large amount of towel unrolled on the holder. Also, current paper towel holder location next to the stove isn't ideal. Our biggest complaint? We have to hold our current paper towel holder with two hands to dispense towels. Hey - who has 2 free hands while cooking?

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder"

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August 29, 2005

Create Your Own Carnivale with the Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

Get into the summer and fall carnivale season and create your own cotton candy right in your kitchen! We love cotton candy but could use it a bit more than only once per year when we go to the Topsfield Fair. It's the essence of carnivals and good times. And it's easy to make using this Old-Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker. Designed to resemble those used at candy stores and carnival stands, this one sits right on the kitchen countertop, and it's easy to use. Comes with cone holders and uses air spin to create that childhood favorite - just use the flavored sugars of your choice.

At Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Maker

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