Make Japanese Pickles Tsukemono Style at Home

B0006Mm4R4.01-Az4Xsy3Vtuag4. Scmzzzzzzz We've got a serious cucumber problem due to having 3 cucumber plants producing way too many cucumbers for us to eat. We've been going back and forth on making pickles or not. I'm pretty excited to find some Japanese Pickle presses to help solve the problem.

The varieties of tsukemono japanese pickles are endless, with literally thousands of types to choose from and hundreds of techniques for making them! Popular pickled vegetables include Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, carrots, bamboo, turnips, gobo (burdock root), ginger, Japanese cucumbers, and Japanese eggplant.

B0002Tw2Z0.01-A3S21M36A693V4. Scmzzzzzzz The first Japanese pickle press we found was this large rectangular shaped Tsukemono pickle press (see above). It holds 3 liters and is 9 3/4 inches by 7 inches. Use for making Japanese style pickles by seasoning the vegetables and pressing the liquid out with the press.

The second one we found is a bit more stylish and comes in pink. Nice! I'm going to make some trips to the local Japanese eatery/market and also ask around but both of these look like a great start.

First press: Japanese Pickle -Tsukemono Press and second press: Japanese Tsukemono Pickled Vegetable Press

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August 18, 2005

Flip Flap The Solar Powered Plant: Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Kitchen Mouth - 04We have been adding funky things to our kitchen window sill for quite awhile. We have enjoyed the Flip Flap over anything we've ever put there - even fresh lavender from our garden.

We first covered the Flip Flap in February earlier this year, and then went on a mad hunt to find one. This resulted in purchasing both a Flip Flap and a Flur Fleur. We keep the Fleur Fleur in the bathroom window sill because it's not solar powered and more for "scaring the piss" out of our guests when it open ups.

When we host dinner parties, everyone always asks about Flip Flap. What is it? And when I say, "It's a solar powered plant.", people always laugh and then say how cute it is. We love our Flip Flap and we're pretty glad we forked out the cash for it.

We suggest buying them on Ebay over paying a ton at other online merchants.

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August 17, 2005

Meat Tumbler

Reveo 200 X 138 Compressed
I never really thought my rock tumbler was enough in my life when it came to "tumbling things". Now as an adult I can tumble meat and marinade it at the same time thanks to Eastman Outdoors!

Eastman Outdoors brings the vacuum tumbling technology and marinating perfection restaurants, butchers, and delis have used for decades, to the home chef. The Reveo offers better, no-mess marinating than traditional methods in 10 minutes rather than 24 hours, while using only half the amount of marinade most recipes require. The Reveo barrel is also dishwasher-safe, and includes a full one-year warranty plus a detailed instruction booklet with dry and liquid marinade tips, tumbling time guidelines.

I'm pretty sure I need tumbling guidelines and limitations.

At Eastman Outdoors 38229 Reveo MariVac Food Tumbler

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August 16, 2005

Velox Tomato Press

G0903 ThumbLibrary - 7296I'm going to need a tomato press very soon. As you can see from the picture on your left - I've got too many tomatoes coming off the vine soon (yes that is indeed my back porch!). The Velox Tomato Press removes seeds and peelings from tomatoes, leaving you with only the finest puree. the Tomatoe Press can also puree other fruits and vegetables through its durable stainless steel screen. The vacuum pressure base with lever holds firmly to your counter top with over 220 pounds of holding power and is made of natural rubber that is designed to resist age. This unit completely disassembles for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. It is made of a non toxic polypropylene that never stains, and comes complete with a catch basin.

At Velox Tomato Press:

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August 15, 2005

Weeble-like Bottle Openers?

Bobble Openers Are these Weebles or bottle openers trying to be Weebles? If I drink a ton, will I wobble and not fall down when I use these openers? Anything that can open a beer and make us laugh has to be somewhat interesting right? These Bobble Openers can open other things besides beer but we think they work best with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Via at ShipTheWeb

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August 12, 2005

Sil-Pin™ Silicone Rolling Pin

Pink-Alloy Everyone needs a shocking pink rolling pin and especially one made of silicone. You know we love the Silpat baking sheet, so we're expecting to fall in love all over again with this little wonder. Sil-Pin™ is the only silicone rolling pin in the world. Non stick silicone makes rolling dough and clean up easy. Ergonomically shaped, contoured Zinc alloy polished handles make for a comfortable grip that keeps your hand next to the roller.

At La Prima Shops

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Eva Solo Cheese Slicer

Cheese Slicer This is actually two tools: a rind slicer and a cheese slicer. These two tools have to get along and they do - slicing cheese and getting rid of the right amount of rind every time. Eva Solo has also worked out that removing the rind doesn't have to mean a broken cheese slice wire, as the stainless steel knife will be used to remove the rind and not the slicer. See - great things do come in pairs.

At Eva Solo Cheese Slicer

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August 11, 2005

Tea Bag Timer

Tea Bag Timer.Jpg I'm not british and neither is this site, but the thought of having a tea timer at my beck and call sounds intrigueing. Imagine cooking up a nice set of pastries and having the Tea Timer worry about a perfectly steeped cup of tea. The timer isn't cheap (about $50 US) but if you drink tea a bunch it might be well worth it. After the 100th cup - you're looking at paying your little servant less than $.50 a cup and then at 200, less than $.25.

Via Popgadget at

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Jacob Jensen Kitchen Timer

Timer Small We really hate the Kitchen Timer on our stove currently. It is a usability nightmare and often impossible to shut off with wet or dough covered hands. We've been looking into something stylish and easy to shut offf in the kitchen countertop timer arena. The Jacob Jensen Timer is suitable for counting down a pre-programmed time which should be perfect for cooking. The time can be set from one minute to 12 hours and you can adjust it up and down during count-down. Resetting is easy by gently pressing both sides of the functional key for two seconds. The timer features both an acoustic and visual alarm, which is deactivated by pressing any side of the functional key. Any side!

At Timer

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August 8, 2005

Egg Toons - Timer, Slicer, & Yoker!

Yolky-Thumb Timey-Thumb Wedgey-Thumb I was never a religious person, but now I am. There has to be a god when you can find such cool egg stuff like these three totally cute egg gadgets! Each Egg Toon has a single purpose: Timer, Yoke Separator, or Hard Boiled Egg Slicer. Imagine these guys staring you down, "Please use me. I'm lonely. Just eat an egg!"

At LaPrimma Shops

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