Kershaw Komachi Knives Color Coded Knives

I don't even care if I cross contaminate my knives - I just want a big ORANGE KNIFE!

"The Kershaw Komachi knives may be cute, but the technology and color coding have a serious purpose: stopping cross contamination when preparing food. The fluorinated-resin coating on the high carbon stainless steel blade helps resist bacteria while the color coded, special-function knives help with safety by not using the same knife for all items. The attractive and innovative ergonomic resin handle is see-through, revealing logos for the type of food the knife should be used on."

Kershaw Komachi Knives (Great for Food Safety) - Cutlery

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February 25, 2005

Banana Bunker

bananabunker.jpgProtect the bananas that leave your kitchen! DO IT!!!

"From Cultured Containers, this BananaBunker fruit tote serves at least one purpose: To protect your banana from asploding in your backpack or briefcase. Other uses might include an ice breaker for a picnic first date, or alternatively, an easy way to end a date that isn’t going well at all. Their tagline “pamper your Banana with the BananaBunker®� pretty much says it all. Purchase one for just $5.00 or 5 for $20. Backordered right now, which is no surprise to us."

Via Protect Your Banana : Gizmodo

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Flip Flap: the funky solar-powered plant that never dies

I need this for my kitchen window sill. Even though there is a water source within a foot - any plant that is in the kitchen dies. Flip Flap will make my kitchen green - FOREVER!!!

"There's nothing like a bit of greenery to brighten up your desk, the only problem of course is that all that green-fingered enthusiasm tends to wane after a few days. Sadly, that means you're left with a dying plant on your desk, which somehow doesn't have quite the same Zen-like appeal."

Update: Just found a link to a killer review here

Via gadgetryblog: Flip Flap: the funky solar-powered plant that never dies

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February 23, 2005

Silpat Baking Mat

Has anyone else tried these? Do they work for cookies? How about meat? Vegetables?

Professional silicone baking sheet transforms any baking sheet into a non-stick surface. Reusable thousands of times. Withstands temperatures from -40F to over 550F. Made in France. 11" x 17".

Via Silpat Baking Mat

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February 11, 2005

Tuna Juice Hands Be Gone! Stainless Steel Can Strainer

I really need this stainless steel can strainer! How many times have you opened a can of tuna, only to get tuna juice all over your hands. Well - no more. Just pick up one of these gems and you're all set.

"The can strainer (£5.50) lets you separate the liquid from your canned foods without any fuss. Comes in a stainless steel finish and fits most can sizes. What more can I say? Should be great for tuna and other fish stuff..."

Via gadgetryblog At Can/Tuna Colander - The Tuna Press & Strainer

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February 9, 2005

Do I want an LCD TV in my Kitchen?

I'm just not sure. I keep thinking I do - then I I need my radio and NPR - but not a TV. That's in the living room where I eat...because dining rooms suck.

What do you think?

"Don't waste valuable counter space by hauling the extra TV into the kitchen — enjoy the super-slim under cabinet design of this all-in-one TV/Radio/CD player. This unit features a 7" wide-screen LCD color panel display, FM/AM digital tuner, CD-R/RW playback and a Mega Expand/Mega Bass® Sound System. The TV cable tuner includes VHF/UHF channels 2-to-69, as well as 125 cable channels."

Via Under Cabinet 7" LCD-TV Kitchen Clock Radio CD Player

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January 31, 2005

Vibrating Soap for your Kitchen Pleasure

I can safely say that after a bit of mincing - a nice piece of vibrating soap would make the hands feel quite nice. Even though it "says" its for the bathroom - we must think outside the box to brign the pleasures of the rest of the house into the kitchen.

"This absurd, but nevertheless interesting, piece of bathroom paraphernalia is a marvel of ingenuity. Quite simply it's a bar of soap that vibrates (quite vigorously apparently) when lifted from its soap dish. Buried deep inside the blueberry scented soap is a little motor that whirrs away, turning a seemingly innocent bar of soap into a unique bath toy. When you've finished with this 'auto-wash' soap, simply pop it back on its dish and it'll stop jigging about all over the place."

Via gadgetryblog

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January 20, 2005

Magnetic Soho Spice Rack

Prod756 LgTrust me. My current kitchen is under construction but I do know the first thing that will go up. This spice rack. I have the 5 spice version ... but none the less - this rack rules. It's easy to use. The magnets work. It looks great. You can actually tell what's in the spice jar.

"The patented Soho Spices magnetic spice shakers are made from stainless steel and not only protect the potency and flavor of the spices, but have the visual appeal that make them ideal for anyone who likes to cook, values an organized kitchen or simply has an eye for beautiful things. This patented design with twist-and-shake tops and magnetic bottoms make these shakers easy to use and put back without any hassle. Ideal for any kitchen, these containers will stick to most refrigerators and metal surfaces. Set of 12 shakers fits on a metal backboard measuring 12" x 9"."

Check it: Soho Spices Large Magnetic Spice Rack: 12 Shaker Set

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Bloodwood Chopper Anyone?

ChopperOkay. When you spend the day trying to find something new and different - you often find odd and weird - hence the Bloodwood Chopper. Who knew you could hand make such an item...well...or handle such an item.

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December 16, 2004

Dunk Mug

20041215-001038You need this. Trust me.

"Dominic Skinners Dunk Mug; an amusing alternative to the mundane coffee mug we see everyday; This one has got a very smart bult in compartment for some sweet little cookie treats. Loveable Design, available in right & left handed versions in a few different colors. They look like they’re alllll sold out for Christmas delivery, but they can guarantee January delivery if you order now from Mocha Home!"

Via Urban Spy

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