December 16, 2004

Dunk Mug

20041215-001038You need this. Trust me.

"Dominic Skinners Dunk Mug; an amusing alternative to the mundane coffee mug we see everyday; This one has got a very smart bult in compartment for some sweet little cookie treats. Loveable Design, available in right & left handed versions in a few different colors. They look like they’re alllll sold out for Christmas delivery, but they can guarantee January delivery if you order now from Mocha Home!"

Via Urban Spy

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December 8, 2004

In-sink Dishwasher?

Okay - we know this will help in the kitchen - but we've never even thought something like this could exist....wild!!!

"This product from US-based Kitchenaid caught my eye as it will really appeal to anyone living in a poky city apartment. Ideal for those low on kitchen space, the Briva in-sink dishwasher ($1799) is a stainless steel sink that also has a built-in dishwasher. The first of its kind, this innovative appliance also promises wash cycles that finish in less than half the time of traditional dishwashers.

Via gadgetryblog: Briva in-sink dishwasher is perfect for small kitchens

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The Zach and Dani's Home Coffee Roaster Review from

Zandd Roaster Large
"You might have caught this next gadget on a late night infomercial. That's where I first saw it. I'm actually WAY more skeptical than most people are when it comes to these things. To me, if something sounds too good to be true, it ALWAYS is. The infomercial promised easy, freshly roasted coffee at home with no smoke and no mess. Coffee roasting for the average 'joe' (pun intended). So what's the deal with this kitchen gadget? Are the promises true? Read on grasshopper and all the facts will be be revealed."

Via the MacGourmet

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December 6, 2004

The Ultimate Kitchen Radio

Tivoli Satelliteradio
I'm pretty sure that if you have a kitchen (I think you do?), you'll need this radio from Tivoli. It's making the gadget site rounds, but it's probably the coolest little box ever because of the integration of a Satellite Receiver for the Sirius network.

"I'm not sure when 1970s faux wood grain became cool again, but it looks to be making a comeback (especially on today's Gizmodo, for some reason). Fortunately, the good folks at Tivoli Audio have the good sense to use real wood in their products—Maple, Walnut, and Cherry are all common, and far more attractive than, say, a sticker that looks almost entirely unlike wood. "

Buy the Tivoli Audio MSATTPE Model Satellite Sirius Radio/AM/FM Analog Table Radio

Via Gizmodo via Cool Hunting

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November 29, 2004

Nesting Bowls

2004 11 29 Bowls
Wow. And they nest! I have 2 sets of these in our kitchen and love them - as does Apartment Therapy.

"Mix it up. These are old favorites of our, having grown up with them, but we had completely forgotten about them until Tom jogged our memory."
Via Apartment Therapy
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November 24, 2004

Turkey Contraptions & Gadgets for Thanksgiving!

Here's the ultimate gift for that live turkey owner! DEBEAKER!!!

"My girlfriend is a vegetarian, so I'm accustomed to receiving stern lectures whenever I tear into a drumstick. But coming face-to-face with the Super Debeaker, albeit in JPEG form, gave me pause. You can be sure that, before I tuck into that luscious bird tomorrow night, I'll give a moment's thought to what his time on Earth must've been like. None-too-pleasant, I'll wager, given that his beak was likely snipped off at a young age."

Via Gizmodo

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November 23, 2004

Stir! Stir! STIR IT UP!!!!

Okay this thing looks amazing. Not only will it keep your fondue cheese from burning - but it's like a face hugger for pots!!!

Check it out!

StirChef Saucepan Stirrer at Amazon via My Best Gadgets

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November 19, 2004

It's Kitchen Gadget Friday!!!

Usb Mincepie
Okay - so maybe it's not totally a "kitchen gadget" but it sure would be cool to have a nice slice of pie while you transfer your recipes to MacGourmet. This little USB drive is very groovy and I bet it even smells nice.

"Despite my dapper sense of dress and my long, personal history of colonial wars for empire, I am not British. That leaves me with only the vaguest sense of cultural relevance when it comes to the significance of the Christmas Mince Pie. Perhaps it is like our mythic Fruit Cake, often spoken of in jocular but wary tones, yet rarely spotted outside its rusting tin? Or our Santa Claus, the fecund ur-Fairy whose sinister, candy cane pipeworks splattered forth an army of gayly-clad drone elves to populate our children's stockings with an eye-glazing array of corporate-branded entertainment modules? I do not know."

Via Gizmodo

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November 18, 2004


Knork Single Pkg
I have hit fork/knife nirvana...KNORK!!!!

"The objectives of the Knork are: to provide a single utensil capable of providing the benefits of a knife and fork; to produce a design that more easily cuts food; to provide stability and comfort through a balanced handle and finger platform design; to provide superior utensil properties that are not conducive to being converted into a weapon; and to provide a single tool able to be utilized by the disabled community."
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November 4, 2004

ThermoWorks Thermapen Review from The MacGourmet


"I think all cooks want to believe that they can just sense when what they are cooking is done to perfection. Some people can, and some people just get lucky. I've found that personally, my results often improve greatly if I know the precise internal temperature of what I'm cooking."

The Mac Gourmet: Gadget Corner: ThermoWorks Thermapen and ThermaPen

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