July 28, 2005

Man Retrofits Freezer to Make an Ultra-Efficient Fridge

Freezer I've been off the grid this week in Northern California and the one thing I would really want is a bigger freezer. Yes - we have power and a fridge, but it's not big enough to hold everything for the week, and best of all - town is 11 miles away so we've had to make several trips for ice just to keep everything cool and the road is a bit dicey. I would kill to have a nice big freezer for ice, meat, and even some ice cream.

"An off-grid experimenter in Australia, Tom Chalko, has retrofitted a chest freezer to create a fridge that uses only 100 watt-hours (0.1 kWh) per day! Tom points out that vertical door refrigerators are inherently inefficient. As soon as you open a vertical fridge door the cold air escapes, simply because it is heavier than the warmer air in the room. When you open a chest freezer, the cool air stays inside, just because it’s heavy. Any leak or wear in a vertical door seal causes significant loss of efficiency."

At MetaEfficient:

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July 6, 2005

Network/Phone-controlled Refrigerator/Oven

Tmio-Oven Just when I prayed for such an item - BAM! Here's your network enabled oven! You can program meals to be ready when you arrive home and update right over the web. The TMIO has a 30" dual oven and comes in stainless steel. All the juicy detals can be found at Gizmos for Geeks | Network/Phone-controlled Refrigerator/Oven.

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June 29, 2005

LG Remote Monitoring Laundry System

4193323788821866.Jpg Being able to continue cooking and know what's up with my laundry? It must be electronic magic!!! LG Electronics has created a Remote Laundry System that we wish they would apply to any oven or range in the kitchen. It allows you to monitor the laundry cycles anywhere in your home and works over Power Line Communication Technology. I'll be monitoring LG to see if they come out with this for some kitchen stuff and integrate it into 1 remote. Soon, I won't even have to leave the kitchen.

At LG Remote Monitoring Laundry System

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May 27, 2005

Sculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo-Sculpture-Charcoal-Gas-GrillIt's Memorial Day Weekend people - you need a sculpture grill!!!! I can easily say - this is not a kitchen gadget - but it is something you need located right outside your kitchen. And - it's really really nice looking for a change. I usually hate the way grills look, so I purchased the Weber Q - but now if I ever make it big - I'm going to get a "sculptured grill" for sure.

Sculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo | Trendir:
The Sculpture Grill's wavy surface mixes art with function. Each Sculpture series grill is hand-made and personally signed by in-house metal artist. Kalamazoo company produces new Sculpture design each season.
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May 23, 2005

Faber LCD Range Hood with LEDs

Faber-Imago-Canopy-Range-Hood-Lcd-1I have to go with the folks at Gizmodo on this one - I can see many things on fire when I'm cooking if I'm watching TV or surfing the web while I reach over the stove at the same time. I can see getting my greasy hands all over the touch screen as I whip up a little stir fry, and then watch some video streams at CNN. I'm not sure why the LEDs - to distract me even more from cooking?

Faber Imago Range Hood : Gizmodo:
What an excellent idea! Multimedia displays over fire! The Faber Imago range hood allows you to check your email, watch DVDs, and view remote webcams all from the comfort of your blazing Viking range. The 14-inch touchscreen works in concert with your home multimedia network to distract you even more in the kitchen.
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March 30, 2005

New Viking Outdoor Products

Just when I thought I had our new house finished - NOW I HAVE TO BUILD A FULL KITCHEN OUTDOORS!!!! NOOOO!!!!!


"Viking has expanded its lineup of outdoor products, giving you every advantage of an indoor kitchen in an outdoor setting. Rounding out Viking's outdoor kitchen concept, the company now offers a range of product that allow you to prepare an entire meal outdoors without endless trips back into the home. Yum, yum!"

Via gadgetryblog: Viking Outdoor Electric Smoker Oven And Outdoor Ice Machine

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March 28, 2005

Sharp Healsio Steam Oven Coming to US

We've been following this little number for awhile but had no idea it would also cost $1799. Ummm...what??? Well - it is very cool and hopefully there will be a cheaper version if they ever catch on.

"The Sharp Healsio oven introduces a new way of cooking that uses steam superheated at 300 degrees Celsius. Amazingly, this melts away not only the fat but also reduces the salt content, while preserving essential nutrients. And don't think it'll reduce everything to a soggy mess, either. At the recent press launch in Singapore, it wowed the audience by toasting bread. This oven steams, grills, roasts, bakes, defrosts and reheats. Here are some of the things it can make (click on the recipe PDFs if you read Japanese)."

Via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women: Sharp Healsio Steam Oven

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February 28, 2005

Heat Up Food in the Fridge

Okay - I'm not sure that I need a warming drawer in my fridge - but we do use one in our new duel fuel oven. I am open to the idea...hmmmm...

"The new fridge from Sharp can not only keep food cold (crazy!), but also has a space in the middle that keeps food warm—up to 130F degrees. The idea is to keep leftovers toasty for working salarymen who have to stay late at the office. If the whisky proves warmer than their beds, though, the fridge can be automatically set to flip over to cooling mode after a set period of time. And in the next chamber over, it’s still making ice cubes.

Via Gadgets : Household : Gizmodo

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