August 28, 2009

Review: Weber Genesis Special Edition EP-310 Propane Gas Grill


We recently upgraded this Summer from our Weber Q 200 gas grill when we finally got the Kitchen Contraptions porch upgraded and made a bit larger to accommodate seating and most of all a larger grill. After much deliberation we went with the Weber Genesis Special Edition EP-310 Propane Gas Grill. We loved the look of the grill right away, and we knew we could get the Weber rotisserie attachment for it, along with the Special Edition Genesis having some improvements in the drip tray area and other niceties like a built in gas gauge.


Weber Genesis Special Edition EP-310 Propane Gas Grill Features:

  • 637 sq. in. cooking space
  • 42K BTUs
  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • Porcelain lid with stainless steel trim
  • 7MM stainless steel rod cooking grates (we chose not to use these and buy additional cast iron grates from Weber - as we prefer that surface and the way it seasons the bars)
  • Stainless steel flavorizer bars
  • Stainless steel wire warming rack
  • Electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel working surface
  • Tank not included
  • Color we chose was Black

One thing as noted above, we didn't use the stainless steel cooking grates, but instead decided to get an additional set of the cast iron grates to cook on. We haven't liked stainless steel cooking grates when we've used them, and this was our decision. We like the way the cast iron grates season, and we just like the look as well.

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July 29, 2009

Review: EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale


If you're looking for an easy to use multifunction home scale that's perfect for cooks and dieters look no further. The EatSmart Precision pro allows you to weigh up to 11lbs of food (or whatever you want really) and can display in ounces/lbs/grams/kgs; Graduation .05 oz / 1 gram. We really like the tare feature - which allows you to use a bowl or plate and get the perfect amount for your snack instead of eating too much. The scale also features a 3 Minute Auto-Shutoff.

At EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

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July 24, 2009

Review: Firewire Skewers Flexible Grilling Skewers


We recently featured the Firewire Skewers here at Kitchen Contraptions, and have also been using them for the past several weeks. These skewers are revolutionary, and we think you'll really enjoy them as an addition to your grilling aresenal, and we think they make great gifts as well. This is the first video review we've done - so check it out and enjoy.


If you like the Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewer, Set of 2, please check them out at our new online store. We only add the products we've tested and reviewed here at Kitchen Contraptions.

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July 8, 2009

Review: Teavana Perfect Tea Maker - Loose Leaf Tea Brewer


Having already been exposed to the world of Gourmet Tea via my Electric Tea Maker I really didn't have much expectation when reviewing the Teavana Perfect Teamaker. I thought this simple contraption wouldn't compare to my Electric Tea Maker to brew a perfect cup of tea. Or could it?

Upon opening the box I noticed not much in the way of parts; a Teavana Perfect Tea Maker and instructions on how to use it. The instructions are simple and concise which pretty much describes this Teamaker. No crazy setup. No extra parts to try and figure what to do with them. Just a simple Teavana Perfect Tea Maker awaiting its first 32 oz of tea.

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May 29, 2009

Review: Shrimp Butler - Clean Shrimp With No Mess


We often eat a large quantity of shrimp on the Memorial Day Weekend, and this year was no exception except thanks to the Shrimp Butler - less mess. It often takes us just over an hour to peel, and devein all the shrimp our hungry stomachs require. This task was cut to about 10 minutes thanks to the Shrimp Butler.

Shrimp Butler, commonly referred to as a shrimp peeler, is an all in one shrimp butterflier and shrimp deveiner. Shuck the loose shrimp peelings under the faucet and your shrimp are ready for cooking.

It's sad - but it's really that simple. Check out the link below for a full set of demonstrations on how to use the Shrimp Butler, but it's drop dead simple and amazing. This also means we'll be eating shrimp, and grilling shrimp more often.

At Shrimp Butler

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May 19, 2009

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale - Lose Weight and Eat Smarter


We've been using this EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale since the beginning of the year to help us lose weight and eat smarter. It works. One of the best methods we've found to lose weight is to weigh your portions - which is very easy and quick to do with the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale. It can also analyze the nutritional content of ANY food by portion size (which is the main feature we used). The scale will instantly calculate the following cardiovascular nutrients essential for overall well being: Calories, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Calcium, Protein, Vitamin K.

Additionally, the proprietary EatSmart Nutrition Facts Calculator is the only scale on the market that allows you to calculate nutrients for any food with a USDA Nutrition Facts label. Additionally, the EatSmart Nutrition Scale was recently named one of the most effective tools for carb counting and managing diabetes. How much weight did we lose?

We both lost 10% of our body weight, thus bringing us back to normal BMI and we couldn't have done it without the EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale. We cook every night using Eating Well - and weighing our portions was the key to our success, and having the scale right there in the kitchen made it happen. We now continue to use the scale to weigh, and measure. One thing I use it for is my insatiable beef jerky habit. I can easily weigh 4 oz in seconds knowing how much I can snack on each time.

At EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale and Eat Smart

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April 10, 2009

Review: OXO Salt & Pepper Grinder Set - Grind Perfection


We can't tell you the shear number of salt and pepper grinders we get asked to review, and we can't tell you the number we turn away. When we were approached to check out this new set of stainless steel grinders from OXO - we were initially well - excited. There's just something immediately different, functionally apparent, and simply designed right with this set of grinders.

First of all - the grips on the bottom and grind settings are easy to figure out. Next - they actually do a great job of grinding at the different levels. We really love how they feel in our hands, and they are attractive enough to put out at any type of meal. The set contains both the salt and pepper grinder - and after you use the set together to cook or for a meal - you'll wonder how you ever used your old set of grinders.

So in a nut shell - these are amazing and different - or perhaps they're just perfect.

At OXO and OXO Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

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March 13, 2009

Stirr from uutensil - Keep Your Sauces, Soups, and Risotto from Sticking


We've had the pleasure over the past few weeks of using Stirr from uutensil. What seems like a gimic (come on - you can't watch your soup) has turned into a real treat when it comes to lunch time. We often eat lentil soup at lunch time, and prefer it over a hot stove to microwaving it with radiation. We also often get interrupted in the Kitchen Contraptions test kitchen, thus leading to burned on the bottom soup. That's where Stirr comes in - made with silicone feet on the bottom that vibrate thus making it turn and stir, Stirr is a stirring wonder. It's basically an automatic kitchen helper that comes with 3 settings, so no matter how thick the soup or sauce - Stirr gets the job done.


We love it - and think you should check it out for your stove top needs. Can you say easy risotto? We can now that we have Stirr.

At uutensil

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March 9, 2009

Review: Adagio Teas triniTea Electric 32-Ounce Tea Maker


Being new to the Gourmet Tea scene I was excited to finally get my hands on one of these products - especially the triniTea electric tea maker. Since I enjoy brewed ice tea year round I was wondering how much better this experience would be. The result totally surpassed my expectation of how good gourmet tea can be - especially loose leaf teas brewed with an electric tea maker.

For the most part the setup and assembly of the Adagio Teas triniTea Electric 32-Ounce Tea Maker is pretty simple. That is if you know how to assemble it. I was a little put off on how little information came with the product on how to assemble and operate it. There is literally one little pamphlet that comes with it and although it explains how to use it, it fails to associate a functional picture to support their explanation. But a few educated guesses later you will be off to making incredible tea!


Note: On the box it there is a diagram that might help you match up the layout to the instructions printed on the pamphlet. In addition to that there is another picture that vaguely shows the 3 steps on how to make tea with this product. If only they told you to refer to the box on the pamphlet...too bad I threw it away.

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October 17, 2008

Review: FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer - Automatic Bag Sealing and Marination


Given these troubled economic times, storing and preserving the costly food you purchase should be on your mind. In the past we used Tupperware or other methods like zip-loc bags to store both our leftovers, and our frozen meat and vegetables. After using the new Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer for the past month, we know both of those methods are going thee way of the dodo. Not only did we experience longer saving of our leftovers, but meat sealed and frozen had no freezer burn after 1 month.

The unit is sleek and sits way back on your counters.

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer with SmartSeal Technology makes storage a breeze, and it's not going to spoil or get freezer burned like other methods. We also used the FoodSaver to vacuum marinate meat and fish, and found both the marinator (included), and marinating in vacuum sealed bags provided more flavor than our Vacu Vin marinator.

Vacuum sealed coconut rice. After 3 days - perfectly fresh
and yummy.
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