May 8, 2008

Review: CDN 2-IN-1 PROBE THERMOMETER - Grill Meats to Perfection


One thing we do when grilling is to check the temperature of the meats on the grill. Some people cook with time, and use just their eye, but on larger cuts of meats, and when cooking lots of meat at once - you can end up with underdone chicken or pork loins. We recently got this new CDN 2-IN-1 PROBE THERMOMETER you can use for grilling or in a conventional oven as well. We took it out for a test drive, and the easy to read temperature, along with color coded scale for "doneness" does the trick. The 2-IN-1 Probe Thermometer also rests on it's side easily, allowing you to put it down without fear of it tumbling off it's grill perch.

  • High heat probe
  • Preprogrammed & programmable
  • Dual progress display
  • Target range indication
  • Color-coded scale
  • Pre-alert 10° before target temp
  • Overcooked alert for 10° after target temp

We're grilling some pork chops here. The 2-In-1 Thermometer
is easy to hold - and you can see the large display reads easily
from the picture.

We suggest you check it out. The pre-alert and overcooked alert functions were a lifesaver. We often get interrupted to deal with other items or just the kids needing something while grilling.

At CDN - The Time and Temperature Company
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April 4, 2008

Review: Ziszor Personal Schredder - Protect Your Identity from the Kitchen


We all do more than just cook in our kitchen. We often find ourselves opening lots of different mail in the kitchen, and then tossing the ones we don't like unschredded into the kitchen wastebasket. In this modern age of identity theft this is a very bad idea, and because of that products like Ziszor are coming to market.

The packaging and design for the Ziszor is excellent.

Ziszor is a personal schredder that allows you to stop dumpster diving thieves by using a shredder in the kitchen. We've written several articles on this before, but Ziszor is small and handheld compared to a traditional shredder, thus taking up less space wherever you need to shred.

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March 24, 2008

Review: OXO Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer


We are forever making zucchini slices to put into a pasta, cous cous, or other yummy salad. The problem we always have - making nice consistent slices and not chopping off our hand while doing so. The OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer makes this task really easy. You use the soft knob to simply adjust to the desired slice thickness, and slide the zucchini over the stainless steel blade for nice even slices. We like the clear surface that shows slices accumulating below, and the little grippy slider also hides the blades from our kids prying fingers.

Here's our impressions of the OXO Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer complete with pictures:

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November 7, 2007

Review: OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter

We love just about anything mango, but what we don't love is having to get the mango out of the mango. Mangos tend to have a very large seed in the middle, and the entire process can really take some time. When we heard OXO - maker of just about any kitchen gadget you could want made a mango splitter, we realized our mango intake could increase if we had such a gadget, and perhaps be a bit less of a hassle.

The OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter is pretty straight forward. It's much like an apple corer with two big soft grips on the side. The middle part of the OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter slides down over the mango seed and splits the mango.

First you'll need a mango, ours is a bit green but will do.

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October 24, 2007

Le Creuset Silicone Baking Cups


We received these silicone baking cups from Le Creuset to try out. My daughter was very excited because cupcakes are her favorite thing. The great thing about them is you can make cupcakes without having to have a muffin pan, which is one less pan in your drawer. Also, of course, being silicone, the cupcake or muffin doesn't stick to the side. The cups are very flexible, which makes it easy to pull it off the cupcake, but it does make it harder to put the batter in the cups without them moving around. It comes in a set of six cups.

At Le Creuset 6 Set of Silicone Baking Cups

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October 19, 2007

Review: Jamie Oliver Kitchen Survival Kit

Whatisit Pans

Not enough room for your wok, fry-pan, and saucepan plus lids? We've been testing out the Jamie Oliver Survival Kit that is designed to solve this problem. The Survival Kit contains all you’ll ever need to cook most dishes in your kitchen (for us some zucchini and chicken), and it stores away in one stack - saving you loads of room in your kitchen cupboard.

Img 5000
The Jamie Oliver Survival Kit comes packed in an nifty box,
with loads of pictures.

Inside the Jamie Oliver Survival Kit you’ll find:

  • 26cm Wok
  • 26cm Frypan
  • 20cm Saucepan
  • 2 Glass lids, with Silicone rim (20cm & 26cm)
  • 1 Universal Handle

What did we think? Did these cooking pans hold up to the dreaded evening meal test? Did we find ourselves using them over other pots and pans after a week of testing?

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October 17, 2007

Le Creuset Oval Au Gratin


We received a mini version of this oval au gratin pan from Le Creuset. I'm not sure what you would use the mini version for--my daughter used it to make a mini apple pie from the leftover crust of our big pie--but the pan itself was great. It cooked evenly in the oven. The pie came out easily and didn't stick to the pan. The pan comes in three sizes and eight colors. I think I would find a larger pan much more useful than the mini.

At Le Creuset Oval Au Gratin

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September 24, 2007

REVIEW: Gel Pro Chef's Mat


We received one of these gel mats for review and have been very impressed. The mat is designed to help people with low back pain, foot pain, and heel pain. The difference between standing on it and standing on the hardwood floor is amazing. I didn't realize how hard the floor was until we got this mat.

The mat has also been very tough, withstanding lots of stuff dropped on it. It is easy to clean up and isn't hideous to look at. According to the website, they are lots of colors and style varieties.

If you have back or foot problems and do a lot of standing in your kitchen, this mat will definitely help.

At Gel Pro Chef's Mat

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August 20, 2007

Review: Zarafina Tea Maker Suite - Make Perfect Tea One Pot at a Time

41Uqrs7I2Vl. Aa280

We've just spent the last 3 weeks using the Zarafina Tea Maker suite. It's been a very interesting addition to our already large coffee and tea habit here at What's surprising about the Zarafina Tea Maker is how consistent the cup of tea you brew can be if you have a tea brewing appliance like the Zarafina Tea Maker.

Img 4611
You get a serving tray, the main tea maker, the tea pot, two tea cups,
and some serving utensils.

What's different about the Zarafina tea maker? The Zarafina tea maker has a unique brewing chamber which allows you to observe the process, variable settings that allow you to control the strength, brewing time and temperature and a built in diffuser that keeps your tea free of leaves whether you are using tea bags or loose tea. It is designed distinctively to enrich your tea experience and give you a perfect consistent cup of tea every time.

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April 24, 2007

Review: Smellkiller Stainless Steel Hand Soap and Air Cleaner

Img 3820

We've been looking for a stainless steel hand soap to get rid of that nasty garlic smell after making legs of lamb lately. Having seen quite a few different options online, we stopped into our local hardware store only to find exactly what we were looking for - the Smellkiller Stainless Steel Hand Soap and Air Cleanser.

Now you're probably wondering - how does stainless steel soap remove odors on your hands or even in the air? It neutralizes them or breaks the molecules of odor upon contact, or if you use the rubber bowl that's included and a little water, it will remove odors from the air. Does it work? Well...

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