December 11, 2008

Three Section Recycle Bin


This would be a lot more attractive than the paper bags we currently keep recycling in. This stainless steel recycling bin has three compartments with step-on pedals and plastic pull-out buckets.

At Three Section Recycle Bin

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June 18, 2008

The Kitchen Composter - Make Your Own Fertilizer


We're really into composting our un-eaten food and used coffee grounds here at Kitchen Contraptions. You'll instantly feel better, knowing you're not just throwing those scraps into the trash where they'll end up in a landfill. Instead, you can get this composter and start making your own fertilizer.

The NatureMill Pro Composter will get you composting in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add waste items any time, any day - vegetables, coffee grounds, even dairy, meat, or fish!
  2. Naturemill does the rest! The upper chamber mixes, heats, and aerates. Compost later transfers to the lower chamber, so you can add fresh items.
  3. Remove rich compost fertilizer every 2 weeks when the red light comes on

Via Coolest Gadgets at NatureMill Plus Home Indoor Compost System

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April 22, 2008

Envirocycle Composter


In honor of Earth Day, here is a composter. This composter simplifies composting using a rolling and mixing action that keeps the ingredients mixed and aerated. It can collect up to five gallons of fertilizer.

Envirocycle Composter

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December 10, 2007

iTouchless Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Touchless Trashcan

Tired of touching a dirty trash can when you have to throw something away, and questioning whether you picked up a new germ or two? iTouchless is the answer to clean throwaways. As your hand or debris enter the zone 6 inches from the infrared sensor on top of the trash can, the lid will automatically slide open. No up or down lid motion means more capacity in less space. The lid will remain open if debris or hand is within the 6 inch range of the infrared sensor. 3 seconds after your hand moves away from the lid it closes automatically.

The Benefits: This 100% touch-free trash can creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It keeps your hands clean while you are cooking or playing with your children. It also helps prevent contamination, which reduces the threat of certain illnesses and infections.

At iTouchless Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Touchless Trashcan

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July 18, 2007

iTouchless Hands-Free Infrared Automatic Trash Can

I get very annoyed with all the touchless bathroom sinks and towel dispensers -- I never know whether I should be waving my hands in front of the device or not -- so I'm not sure I'm really excited about having touchless devices around the house. Needless to say, here is a touchless garbage can. You put hand or debris about six inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid and it will open. It closes automatically in three seconds after debris has been released and your hand moves away.

At iTouchless Stainless Steel Hands-Free Infrared Automatic Trash Can

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February 14, 2007

Polyrap Wastepaper Bin


The trick with this waste basket is that is supposedly does not need a liner, thereby reducing your use of plastic and helping the environment. The waste basket is made from a single sheet of plastic that can be quickly be unfold, wiped clean, and refolded

At Drinkstuff

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January 19, 2006

Automatic Kitchen Compost Machine


In my house growing up we put our compost in a jar. Of course it was my chore to take it out to the compost pile, and it was stinky and messy. This seems like a much better way to compost. You can put in up to 5 pounds a day and you get fresh compost every two weeks.

Via Cool Hunting at Nature Mill

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January 4, 2006

simplehuman Butterfly Step Can


We have really been enjoying our simplehuman step can and think this slimmer fitting step can might be another candidate for our kitchen space. The award winning butterfly step can has a narrow footprint to fit in tight spaces. The lid opens from the center like a butterfly for maximum clearance under low counter tops. It closes slowly & quietly with damper mechanism
and has a spring loaded pedal which opens the lid smoothly along with an integrated toe kick for easy access.

At simplehuman Step-On Butterfly Trash Can

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December 12, 2005

Shopping Bag Holder

We didn't know simplehuman made a stand up counter top version of their bag holder but since we do now - we have to share it. We have the tucked away behind the door version but if you have pantry or nook for storing stuff this is for you.

The SimpleHuman Grocery Bag Holder is a more efficient and convenient way to store those grocery bags you save for other uses. The durable, functional and space-saving design allows it to fit in any cabinet or countertop, to dispense grocery bags reused by your household.

At SIMPLEHUMAN KT1013 Upright Grocery Bag Holder

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December 5, 2005

Vipp Super Wastebasket


This classic wastebasket is handmade in denmark and looks like a cross between a Dalek and a fire hydrant. The vipp 15 has a 60 year tradition of quality. available in stainless, cream, pink, red, orange, rose, white or black. You can purchase replacement parts and fitted bags are available to keep your Vipp going strong for many years. The can holds approximately 4 gallons of whatever you want to put inside - we think you'll stick with garbage but with something this cool - who knows.

More at Vipp

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